Where can I find the SLgalaxy Beacon?

Go here to get a free copy of our Beacon.

How can I list my region in SLgalaxy

Adding your own listing is easy and completely free! You can get set up within minutes:
  1. If you haven't already, sign up for SLgalaxy. After signup, click here to create your Place listing, and get your secret "Beacon Key".
  2. Rez a copy of our free Beacon in the land (parcel) that you own. Go here to get a free copy of our Beacon
  3. Click on your Beacon to paste the secret Beacon Key.
You're done! Your Beacon is now live, and your Place listing will appear in SLgalaxy momentarily.

Where do visitors land?

Visitors will arrive at the position of the beacon, so make sure your beacon is in a welcoming place!

Can I add many parcels?

Yes, you can different parcels by creating new place listings and rezzing a beacon in each parcel.

I have moved to a new location. Do I have to start over?

You do not have to start over. Just rez a new beacon in your new location and activate it. You do not lose any of your likes, comments, pictures or discussions!

What information do you collect?

The SLgalaxy beacon periodically collects the name of your parcel, and the number of avatars that are on it. We do not collect or store any identifying or private information.

I am using bots/NPCs in my region

Bots need to be added to the exclude list, so that our beacon does not report them as real visitors. Please add the names of your bots in the notecard "exclude_list", one at a line. (Always make sure you are using the latest version of the beacon).

The listing information is incorrect/wrong/false. What do I do?

We try our best to keep our region information up to date. If you spot a place that has wrong information, please use the "report" link to let us know.